Why some women are crying at the gym


For a generation of stressed-out working women, exercise is as much about emotional release as it is physical training.

It’s 7am on a Tuesday, at a small dance studio in Manhattan’s Tribeca neighborhood, and Taryn Toomey is stomping her feet into the floor like thunder. “Get rid of the bullsh*t!” she shouts. “Get rid of the drama!”

Two dozen women in yoga pants and sports bras sprint in place behind her, eyes closed, arms flailing. Sweat is flying.

The Beastie Boys’ “Sabotage” is blaring in the background. There are grunts and screams.

“Hell yes!” a woman bellows.

When the song ends, Toomey directs the group into child’s pose, torso folded over the knees, forehead on the floor, arms spread forward.

Coldplay comes on, and there is a moment of rest.

“Inhale. Exhale. Feel your center,” Toomey says.

Heads slowly come up, and suddenly, tears are streaming down the faces of half the room.

A woman in front of me is physically trembling. “I just let it all out,” a middle-aged woman in leggings and a tank top whispers.

This is “The Class”—one part yoga, two parts bootcamp, three parts emotional release, packaged into an almost spiritual… no, tribal… 75 minutes.

It is the creation of fashion exec turned yoga instructor Toomey, and it is where New York’s high-flying women go for emotional release (if, that is, they can get a spot). More

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