A Smart Bike That Lets You Stream Spinning Classes at Home

By  Issie Lapowsky

The other day, I took a spinning class.

It was the standard fare.

The instructor’s abs very toned and very intimidating.

She pumped the jams and proceeded to launch a brutal attack on my hamstrings and quads.

She shouted out catchy one-liners like “Mind over matter, muscle over matter. Boom!” and, my personal favorite, “Get breathless!”

And she called out people’s names and applauded top performers. No, I wasn’t one. But I was trying, okay?

At the end of 45 minutes, I was indeed breathless. I was also super hungry. So I hopped off the bike, hobbled into my kitchen, and made some dinner.

Oh yeah, all this was happening in my apartment.

That’s thanks to a new fitness company called Peloton that manufactures and sells internet-connected spinning bikes, which allow users to stream live classes from home.

The bike comes complete with a large, waterproof, touchscreen tablet, engineered by Peloton, on which users can tune into live classes, watch classes on demand, and interact with other cyclists by video chat.

During live classes, the instructor sees a leaderboard of everyone who’s tuning in remotely. She can watch their metrics and call people out by name to give them the feeling of being in-class.

Those overachievers in my class? They were from all across the country. More

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