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  1. Andrea says:

    Hi there,

    We use your exercise category as a feed on our website for our Sports Physician’s practice, however, one of the doctors also subscribes to your LinkedIn feed “Breaking Sports Medicine News “, and he was wondering whether it is possible to get a feed of this information to post on our website? Some of these articles are so interesting but they don’t show up in the exercise category. Alternatively, is there a way of creating a feed with multiple categories? Many thanks for your help.

    • Stone Hearth News says:

      Thanks for the inquiry.

      You should be able to make a feed for sports medicine out of

      You should be able to make categories out of any URL derived from clicking any lookup from the archives dropdown menu, on the top righthand corner of the aite.

      Thanks again for the interest.

      I am not aware of a way to make one feed out of multiple categories.

  2. Lisa Gilmore says:

    The link to the article titled “Pain sensitivity is normalized after a repeated bout of eccentric exercise” links to the article titled “Yoga for depression could be an option” instead. Could you please fix the link? Thanks!

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