No Grain No Pain: The Truth About Grains, Carbs, and Sugar

Contrary to all of the doctor’s expectations that Max will live in pain for the rest of his life, Max completely recovered in less than six months. Max’s blood sedimentation rate was reduced 20 times. From 61 mm/hr on 02/11/2013 to back to normal 3 mm/hr on 07/01/2013.

Max’s fecal calprotectin protein (colon inflammation marker) was reduced 28 times. From 504 mcg/g on 12/20/2012 to back to normal 18 mch/g on 07/01/2013. The test was done at the Mayo Medical Laboratories testing site in North Carolina

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”- Hippocrates of Cos (460 - 370 BC)

Max’s blood C-reactive protein (inflammation marker) was reduced 12 times. From 6.2 mg/dl on 02/11/2013 to back to normal 0.5 mg/dl on 07/01/2013 in less than six months after changing his diet to farm fresh real food (no grains, no sugar).

We were told so many times “there is no medical cure for Crohn’s disease” and they were absolutely right because the cure is at the farm and not at the pharmacy.

Inspired by solid medical evidence published in the most prestigious peer reviewed medical journals in the past 24 months, we managed to reset the clock one hundred years back to 1913 when chronic inflammatory diseases did not exist and processed foods were not invented yet.

Dozen’s of scientific research papers were published in the past five years and new diagnostic tools were developed, revealing the real causes for chronic inflammatory conditions of the brain, stomach, heart, liver, joints …

Instead of adding to the confusion I want to share my personal testimony and research in a condensed format so that you can grab hold of the truth in 90 minutes and change your life.

Oskar Levsky is the founder and director of the Children’s Environmental Health Agency and a consumer health advocate. He lives in Tokyo, Japan with his wife and two children.

This book is a personal testimony by the author Oskar Levsky and the information presented here cannot be used as medical advice, a medical diagnostic tool or alternative medical therapy.

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  1. janeto says:

    I don’t know what my test results would have been, however, I had pain in all my joints and my gut on the right side. I quit gluten, dairy and genetically modified foods. After one year, I started running again at age 53. I continue to eat in this manner. If scientists and doctors started measuring the pesticides in our foods, and our blood, they would likely be quite surprised. GMO foods are imbedded with a pesticide in the DNA of the seed, Bt Toxin (bacillous thurengiensis) so that they can be sprayed with RoundUp whose active ingredient is glyphosate, the very one the WHO just said “probably” causes cancer. The next iteration will be with 2,4D, the active or one of the two active ingredients in Agent Orange. This one, however, must be mixed with another pesticide before it’s sprayed, more than likely RoundUp. Vietnam is still experiencing the impact of Agent Orange. Imagine all of America like that.

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