Is It Time to Rethink Your Career? A Quick Quiz

Research shows that our lives alternate between periods of stability and transition. For many people, midlife or midcareer is the most turbulent time of all. Once you’ve achieved a certain measure of success, you may be asking yourself whether you want more of the same or something different—and whether your work allows you sufficient room to experiment.

If you’re in (or entering) a period of transition, marked by an increased sense of urgency for change, you’re ready to consider whether you’ve outgrown your role or organization. But if you’re in a period of stability—one of relative contentment, focused on executing well-laid plans—it probably makes sense, for now, to continue building on the career choices you’ve made.

This assessment will help you sort out whether you’re poised for change and what steps you might take next.

Do the following statements describe you?

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