How deadly and sickening cruises are, in 3 charts

Most of us go on a cruise to escape the sometimes harsh realities of our lives — but sometimes those same cruises are the cause of them.

While the incidence of passengers and crew getting killed or injured on a cruise ship — as well as contracting a stomach-churning gastrointestinal virus — is low, these things do happen. According to a recent report from research firm G.P. Wild, each year an average of 10 people die and 60 more are injured on a cruise as a result of so-called “operational incidents,” which are basically mishaps — things like fires and explosions, collisions, technical failures and ships getting stranded, grounded or sinking — that cause delays, injuries or fatalities. These operational-incident-related deaths and injuries are in addition to other deaths and injuries that occur on cruise ships for things like slipping and falling; solid data on these kinds of incidents is scarce. Plus, an average of 2,100 people get a yucky gastrointestinal illness on cruise ships that dock in the U.S. each year, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Sometimes, passenger and crew deaths happen under pretty gruesome circumstances. More



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