Energy drink hospitalizations rising: SAMHSA

●● Trend data show a sharp increase in the
number of emergency department (ED)
visits involving energy drinks between
2005 (1,128 visits) and 2008 and 2009
(16,053 and 13,114 visits, respectively),
representing about a tenfold increase
between 2005 and 2009
●● Approximately half of the energy drinkrelated
ED visits (52 percent) made
by patients aged 18 to 25 involved
combinations of energy drinks with alcohol
or other drugs
●● Overall, more ED visits involving energy
drinks were made by males (64 percent)
than by females (36 percent), and visits
by males were more likely than visits
by females to involve energy drinks
in combination with alcohol (20 vs. 10
percent) or illicit drugs (12 vs. 5 percent);
visits made by females were more likely to
involve energy drinks in combination with
pharmaceuticals than visits by males (35
vs. 23 percent)
●● When examined by the reason for the ED
visit, more than two thirds (67 percent)
of visits involving energy drinks were
classified as adverse reactions

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