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Would you like to post stories from our site onto your site? In a couple of easy one-time steps, you can have fresh content magically appear on your site. Content is updated constantly throughout each day. The newest stories will appear “on top” and the older ones get pushed down, into an accessible archive.

If you have a feed reader, or if you would like to add a category-speficic news feed to your web site, it is easy to do so. You could, for example, get items just in the exercise category, or autism, or nutrition. Just follow the directions below.

A. You should be able to make categories out of any URL derived from clicking any lookup from the archives dropdown menu, on the top righthand corner of the site.



1. At the bottom of every post on our site, just below the row of “share” buttons, the ones you use to “like” items on Facebook or email items to friends, you will see a link that is preceded by the words “This entry was posted in —-“

2. Click that link.

3. Copy the URL for that page.


4. IMPORTANT: Add /feed after the URL that you just pasted.

5. Paste this into the feed reader subscription box on your feed reader page or have your webmaster find a suitable place in your system’s back end into which the feeds will flow..

6. Click Subscribe or Enter or whatever completes the transaction at your end.

7. You are now subscribed to that category’s feed.

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