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Divorce fuels sugary beverage consumption, SF State study finds

Children of recently separated or divorced families are likelier to drink sugar-sweetened beverages than children in families where the parents are married, putting them at higher risk for obesity later in life, according to a new study from San Francisco … Continue reading

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Healthy eating strategies not working, need revamp

Researchers are challenging conventional beliefs about the effectiveness of traditional strategies for encouraging healthy eating. The symposium, “Challenging Misconceptions About the Psychology of Food Choice,” includes four presentations that tackle issues such as the harmfulness of weight-stigma, encouraging healthy choices, … Continue reading

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Compulsive overeating and sugar addiction controlled by one brain circuit, just found by MIT researchers

Compulsive overeating and sugar addiction are major threats to human health, but potential treatments face the risk of impairing normal feeding behaviors that are crucial for survival. A study published January 29th in the journal Cell reveals a reward-related neural … Continue reading

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Stress May Increase Desire for Reward but Not Pleasure, Research Finds

Newswise — WASHINGTON - Feeling stressed may prompt you to go to great lengths to satisfy an urge for a drink or sweets, but you’re not likely to enjoy the indulgence any more than someone who is not stressed and … Continue reading

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Waiting for Uncertain News Is Easier for Some People than for Others

RIVERSIDE, Calif. – Waiting for uncertain news, such as the outcome of a job search or medical test, is easier for some people than others. For the first time, University of California, Riverside psychologists have identified when and for whom … Continue reading

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11 foods to never eat when you’re stressed (and 11 others to indulge in)

In fact, recent research from Ohio State University shows that regularly eating high-calorie and high-fat foods when we’re stressed also slows metabolism, a double whammy that can lead to an annual 11-pound weight gain. Fortunately, there are healthy satisfying snacks … Continue reading

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Time might be essential ingredient in healthier eating: study

(Reuters Health) - People who spend more time preparing and cooking meals are more likely to have healthier diets, says a new study. Those who spent the least time on food preparation also spent the most money on food away … Continue reading

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The relationship between weight and stress-induced inflammation

If you’re overweight, you may be at greater risk for stress-related diseases like type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer, according to a new study by Brandeis University. It’s long known that psychological stress can trigger biological responses similar to … Continue reading

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How football can be hazardous to non-players’ health

Newswise — BIRMINGHAM, Ala. – The excitement of football, and even the activities and feelings of anticipation leading up to games, can be unhealthy in ways many do not realize, according to Jody Gilchrist, a nurse practitioner at the University … Continue reading

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Stress, depression may affect how the body processes fat

(Reuters Health) - Stress and depression have long been linked with a heightened risk of weight gain, but a new study sheds light on how those mental states may alter the way the body processes fatty foods. Compared to women … Continue reading

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Willpower for Dummies

Willpower For Dummies shows you how to train, strengthen, and improve your willpower in seven easy steps! Written by a clinical psychologist and cognitive therapist, the book proves that willpower can be learned like any other skill, and provides tons … Continue reading

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Zoom in on quart of ice cream: 11 pounds a year of weight gain can be attributed to stress

Daily Stressors, Past Depression, and Metabolic Responses to High-Fat Meals: A Novel Path to Obesity Janice K. Kiecolt-Glaseremail, Diane L. Habash, Christopher P. Fagundes, Rebecca Andridge, Juan Peng, William B. Malarkey, Martha A. Belury Received: February 17, 2014; Received in … Continue reading

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The most common major stressful event in Americans’ lives last year? Health.

  “…beautiful sounds of grandeur and serenity…” - Jeff Kingdon, review on Amazon, 1998Princeton, N.J. – A new NPR/Robert Wood Johnson Foundation/Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH) poll released today that examines the role of stress in Americans’ lives finds … Continue reading

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