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Breastfeeding may aid transition to solid food, more so than formula

(Reuters Health) – Breastfeeding may help prepare a baby’s intestines to handle the introduction of solid food, a small new study suggests. Compared to babies who receive formula, babies who are exclusively breastfed may have “gut bacteria” that help them … Continue reading

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7 Tips for Nurturing the Gut Microbiome

Newswise — Increased awareness of the importance of digestive health has quickly turned into a multi-million dollar industry. According to Global Industry Analysts, the probiotics market is expected to exceed $29 billion by 2015 and expected to rise 7 percent … Continue reading

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Infant gut microbiota links gestation duration, delivery method, healthy weight gain

Singapore - Researchers in Singapore and UK as part of the EpiGen consortium worked together with scientists at the Nestlé Research Center, Switzerland, on a new study on the bacterial makeup of the gut (gut microbiota) of infants in Singapore. … Continue reading

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Stress during pregnancy related to infant gut microbiota

Women who experience stress during pregnancy are likely to have babies with a poor mix of intestinal microbiota and with a higher incidence of intestinal problems and allergic reactions. This could be related to psychological and physical problems as the … Continue reading

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Immune System Promotes Digestive Health by Fostering Community of “Good” Gut Bacteria

Newswise — As many as 1.4 million Americans suffer from uncomfortable abdominal cramping and diarrhea that come with ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease. These conditions, collectively known as inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), are associated with an imbalance among the thousands … Continue reading

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10 Biggest Food and Weight Loss Stories of 2014

Cynthia Sass / @goodhealth I can’t believe it’s been a year since I compiled my last round-up, but it’s that time again! As a research junkie, I think this year’s crop of studies in the areas of nutrition and … Continue reading

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Healthy sweeteners: not a thing

You’ve heard sugar is bad news. But what about all those low-cal or no-cal substitutes? And organic honey! That has to be healthier, right? “Honey, table sugar—doesn’t matter. It’s all sucrose, and your body metabolizes it the same way,” says … Continue reading

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Successful Vaccination Against ‘Mad Cow’-Like Wasting Disease in Deer

“Gut vaccine” strategy may work for similar brain infections in humans Newswise — Researchers at NYU Langone Medical Center and elsewhere say that a vaccination they have developed to fight a brain-based, wasting syndrome among deer and other animals may … Continue reading

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Metabolic syndrome can be prevented by healthy gut microbiota

Newswise — ATLANTA—Promoting healthy gut microbiota, the bacteria that live in the intestine, can help treat or prevent metabolic syndrome, a combination of risk factors that increases a person’s risk for heart disease, diabetes and stroke, according to researchers at … Continue reading

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Body weight heavily influenced by microbes in the gut, finds twin study

Our genetic makeup influences whether we are fat or thin by shaping which types of microbes thrive in our body, according to a study by researchers at King’s College London and Cornell University. By studying pairs of twins at King’s … Continue reading

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Diet Affects Mix of Intestinal Bacteria and the Risk of Inflammatory Bone Disease

Newswise — (MEMPHIS, Tenn. – October 2, 2014) Diet-induced changes in the gut’s bacterial ecosystem can alter susceptibility to an autoinflammatory bone disease by modifying the immune response, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital scientists reported. The findings appeared September 28 … Continue reading

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The Heal Your Gut Cookbook: Nutrient-Dense Recipes for Intestinal Health Using the GAPS Diet

“All disease begins in the gut,” Hippocrates instructed more than two thousand years ago. Today, more people than ever are struggling with gut-related chronic disease. In this visually stunning cookbook, GAPS Diet experts Hilary Boynton and Mary G. Brackett offer … Continue reading

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Disruption of gut bacteria early in life can lead to obesity in adulthood

Certain microbes found in the gut may protect against obesity and diabetes. A study published by Cell Press August 14th in the journal Cell reveals that these microbes shape their hosts’ metabolism very early in life and that disrupting them … Continue reading

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