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Why patients are more willing to disclose personal information to virtual humans than actual ones

When we feel down and find ourselves at the doctor’s office for help, the best person to get us to open up about our problems isn’t a person at all. It’s a computer. A new USC study suggests that patients … Continue reading

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Admitting our faults: When does self-acceptance trump self-destruction?

When face-to-face with our failures, it’s hard not to deny the consequences of our shortcomings—and sometimes we make problems worse by engaging in the behaviors we have been trying so hard to avoid. According to a new study in the … Continue reading

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Maybe you know someone like this?

Adam Resnick, an Emmy Award-winning writer for NBC’s Late Night with David Letterman, has spent his entire life trying to avoid interaction with people. While courageously admitting to being “euphorically antisocial” and “sick in the head,” he allows us to … Continue reading

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The New Science of How the Brain and Mind Relate

A leading neuroscientist offers the latest research and many new ideas on the connections between brain circuitry and conscious experience. How the mysterious three-pound organ in our heads creates the rich array of human mental experience, including the sense of … Continue reading

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Bright lights intensify your emotions

The next time you want to turn down the emotional intensity before making an important decision, consider dimming the lights first. A new study from the University of Toronto Scarborough shows that human emotion, whether positive or negative, is felt … Continue reading

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Personality and spaces, remaking love, meaning in life, and commonsense morality

Psychology in action People and spaces, the tragedy of commonsense morality, myths about meaning of life, and remaking love were four themes at the Society for Personality and Social Psychology (SPSP) conference in Austin. Researchers presented new work, showing how … Continue reading

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What happens when someone suddenly changes their gaze to look directly at you

A student huddles over his exam in a gymnasium packed with other test takers when suddenly he looks up at the professor and makes eye contact. The professor immediately takes note. Is the student in distress? What does he need? … Continue reading

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Mood can be governed by facial expression

Research published in Cognition & Emotion by Marzoli et al examines how facial expression can trigger an emotional response. Marzoli et al set out to test this theory that mood can be governed by facial expression; to the extent that … Continue reading

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Children benefit from positive peer influence in afterschool programs

Children in afterschool programs who have a sense of connectedness with their peers are less likely to report emotional problems, according to Penn State researchers. Children exhibited fewer behavior problems if they perceived their peers were willing to encourage them … Continue reading

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Which personality traits affect fertility one way or the other?

Men with neurotic personality traits are having fewer children compared to previous generations, according to a new study published in the European Journal of Personality. The study examined the effect of personality on how likely a person is to have … Continue reading

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Overthinking can be detrimental to human performance: new study

(Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Trying to explain riding a bike is difficult because it is an implicit memory. The body knows what to do, but thinking about the process can often interfere. So why is it that under certain circumstances … Continue reading

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How the wrong people get hired

Newswise — UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, BERKELEY’S HAAS SCHOOL OF BUSINESS –Have you ever applied for a job and wondered why it is offered to someone who appears to be less qualified than you? A new study by Berkeley-Haas Associate Professor … Continue reading

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Moms who smoke have brattier kids

Smoking during pregnancy appears to be a prenatal risk factor associated with conduct problems in children, according to a study published by JAMA Psychiatry, a JAMA Network publication. Conduct disorder represents an issue of significant social, clinical, and practice concern, … Continue reading

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