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Statins’ safety, efficacy, life-saving attributes overstated: researcher

Tampa, Florida (Feb. 20, 2015) - Hailed as miracle drugs when they hit the market two decades ago, statins, the cholesterol-lowering drugs prescribed to prevent heart attacks, are not as effective nor as safe as we have been led to … Continue reading

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Statins harm cognitive function? A new debate

Researchers question whether there is substance to the US Food and Drug Agency’s recent warning that statins could affect the memory, attention span and other cognitive abilities of people who take this drug to control high cholesterol. This follows a … Continue reading

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Breakthrough: Statin treatment reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease in women

A large international study, published today in The Lancet, has shown conclusively that statin treatment reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease in women. Whether statin therapy is as effective in women as in men is debated, especially for primary prevention. … Continue reading

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HDL Cholesterol and Cancer Risk Among Patients With Type 2 Diabetes

Published online before print September 11, 2014, doi: 10.2337/dc14-0523 Diabetes Care December 2014 vol. 37 no. 12 3196-3203 Wenhui Zhao1,2, Jing Guan1,3, Ronald Horswell1, Weiqin Li1,4, Yujie Wang1, Xiaocheng Wu5 and Gang Hu1⇑ - Author Affiliations 1Pennington Biomedical Research Center, … Continue reading

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HDL cholesterol: a new measurement method

Newswise — DALLAS – November 18, 2014 – Groundbreaking research from UT Southwestern Medical Center shows that cholesterol efflux capacity (cholesterol efflux), which measures HDL cholesterol function, appears to be a superior indicator of cardiovascular risk and a better target … Continue reading

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Common cholesterol-fighting drug may prevent hysterectomies in women with uterine fibroids

Researchers at the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston, in collaboration with The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston (UTHealth), Baylor College of Medicine and the Georgia Regents University, report for the first time that the cholesterol-lowering … Continue reading

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Prostate cancer recurrence risk goes up if there are elevated cholesterol and triglycerides

PHILADELPHIA — Higher levels of total cholesterol and triglycerides, two types of fat, in the blood of men who underwent surgery for prostate cancer, were associated with increased risk for disease recurrence, according to a study published in Cancer Epidemiology, … Continue reading

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Bad cholesterol may not be so bad

LEXINGTON, Ky (Sept. 4, 2014) — A team of investigators at the University of Kentucky has made a thought-provoking discovery about a type of cholesterol previously believed to be a “bad guy” in the development of heart disease and other … Continue reading

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Sugar substance ‘kills’ good HDL cholesterol, new research finds

Scientists at the University of Warwick have discovered that ‘good’ cholesterol is turned ‘bad’ by a sugar-derived substance. The substance, methylglyoxal - MG, was found to damage ‘good’ HDL cholesterol, which removes excess levels of bad cholesterol from the body. … Continue reading

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Cholesterol is tied to socioeconomic status, gender

A long-term lifestyle study reports differences between the sexes when it comes to fat profiles associated with socioeconomic status. Research in the open access journal BMC Public Health breaks down factors associated with social class and finds surprising inequalities between … Continue reading

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5 Medical Conditions That May Contribute to Sudden Unexpected Death

Newswise — CHAPEL HILL, N.C. – Sudden unexpected death (SUD) results from a malfunction of the heart and causes a rapid loss of blood flow through the body, leading to death. It is a very rapid process and may have … Continue reading

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Following cholesterol guidelines reduces heart attacks, strokes: new study

DALLAS – August 18, 2014 – A study from UT Southwestern researchers found that recently introduced cholesterol guidelines would significantly reduce new cardiovascular events, when compared to treatment based on previous cholesterol guidelines. The research identified Dallas Heart Study participants … Continue reading

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Statins: Low Risks and High Potential Benefit, New State-of-the-Art Review Concludes

A new Johns Hopkins review of 20 years’ worth of published research suggests that risks linked to long-term use of statins, including muscle toxicity, diabetes and dementia, are very low and that the potential benefit is very high. And although … Continue reading

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