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Mushrooms Boost Immunity: University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences

Newswise — GAINESVILLE, Fla. — Could a mushroom a day help keep the doctor away? A new University of Florida study shows increased immunity in people who ate a cooked shiitake mushroom every day for four weeks. Of the thousands … Continue reading

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Kids with ADHD must squirm to learn, study says. Research links hyperactivity to working memory: University of Central Florida

For decades, frustrated parents and teachers have barked at fidgety children with ADHD to “Sit still and concentrate!” But new research shows that if you want ADHD kids to learn, you have to let them squirm. The foot-tapping, leg-swinging and … Continue reading

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4 Low-Sugar Food Swaps

Here’s the good news if you’re concerned about your blood glucose: “One of the best ways to stay healthy is to make better food choices,” says Mitchell L. Gaynor, MD, author of The Gene Therapy Plan. Try these trades to … Continue reading

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Not drinking enough water has same effect as drunk driving: Loughborough University study

Having as few as five sips of water an hour while driving is equivalent to being over the drink drive limit. Drivers make more than twice as many mistakes when they are just mildly dehydrated, according to new research. The … Continue reading

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Pet Owner Alert: Compounded Flurbiprofen Pain Creams Can Kill, Sicken Cats

The FDA’s Center for Veterinary Medicine released a warning this afternoon to veterinarians, pet owners, healthcare providers, and pharmacists that pain creams containing flurbiprofen have sickened five cats across three households, with three of the cats dying. The cats suffered … Continue reading

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Are Travel Selfies Narcissistic?

With spring breaks concluding or starting — depending on where you live in the world — everyone seems to be taking travel photos. No longer are these photos shared days or weeks after a trip, but instead, they are often … Continue reading

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A call to US educators: Learn from Canada

CHICAGO, IL (April 18, 2015) – As states and the federal government in the U.S. continue to clash on the best ways to improve American education, Canada’s Province of Ontario manages successful education reform initiatives that are equal parts cooperation … Continue reading

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There is a strong stigma connected to women who leave their country to work abroad

Female labour migrants are criticised for abandoning their children in their home country. According to research, this stigma does not affect male migrants. The past few years have seen a major increase in female migrants from countries such as the … Continue reading

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Teen rebellion marks subconscious separation from parents

Using brain scans, USC psychology researchers have found that teenage rebellion is a sign of teens separating from parents in their transition to adulthood. The team believes this study is the first of its kind to record images of teenage … Continue reading

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There is no scientific evidence that stretching prevents tendon injuries: Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport

(Reuters Health) – Tendon injuries are common in sports, and there are many schools of thought on how to avoid them. But a new analysis of past research finds that stretching doesn’t help and might even raise the risk of … Continue reading

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Dr. Oz endangers the public and should be fired by Columbia: 10 doctors

A group of 10 prominent doctors from around the country is taking aim at Dr. Mehmet Oz, calling on Columbia University to oust the popular TV doctor from its faculty. In a letter addressed to Dr. Lee Goldman, Columbia’s Dean … Continue reading

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Cancer and chemobrain: Cancer diagnosis affects cognitive function

Breast cancer patients often display mild cognitive defects even before the initiation of chemotherapy. A new study by Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitaet (LMU) in Munich researchers now attributes the syndrome to post-traumatic stress induced by diagnosis of the disease. A large number of … Continue reading

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A potentially game-changing breakthrough in artificial photosynthesis

Newswise — A potentially game-changing breakthrough in artificial photosynthesis has been achieved with the development of a system that can capture carbon dioxide emissions before they are vented into the atmosphere and then, powered by solar energy, convert that carbon … Continue reading

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