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Social inequalities in salt consumption remain

People from low socio-economic positions in Britain still eat more salt than those from higher socio-economic positions, irrespective of where they live. A paper published in the BMJ Open journal and led by Warwick Medical School suggests social inequalities in … Continue reading

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Fear, Safety and the Role of Sleep in Human PTSD

Newswise — The effectiveness of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) treatment may hinge significantly upon sleep quality, report researchers at the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine and Veterans Affairs San Diego Healthcare System in a paper published today … Continue reading

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Shy People Use Facebook Longer but Disclose Less, Research Reveals

Newswise — HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (AUG. 27, 2014) – It’s not the person posting 10,000 pictures a week of their cat who’s the big-time Facebook user, even if you might think so. Instead, it’s the quiet ones who are logging in … Continue reading

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Conflicts with Teachers Are Risk Factor for School Shootings

As part of the TARGET project funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, researchers at Freie Universität Berlin conducted a systematic literature search of all the available studies dealing with school shootings. The aim of the analysis … Continue reading

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Gamblers are greedy bird-brains, University of Warwick research finds

Gamblers show the same tendencies as pigeons when they make risky decisions, new research has shown. Researchers, led by Dr Elliot Ludvig of the University of Warwick’s Department of Psychology, conducted tests that found that both human gamblers and pigeons … Continue reading

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Long-held belief about depression questioned

New evidence puts into doubt the long-standing belief that a deficiency in serotonin — a chemical messenger in the brain — plays a central role in depression. In the journal ACS Chemical Neuroscience, scientists report that mice lacking the ability … Continue reading

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Three-quarters of depressed cancer patients do not receive treatment for depression

Three papers published in The Lancet Psychiatry, The Lancet, and The Lancet Oncology reveal that around three-quarters of cancer patients who have major depression are not currently receiving treatment for depression, and that a new integrated treatment programme is strikingly … Continue reading

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Soda tax will solve obesity problem

Ann Arbor, MI, August 27, 2014 — Childhood obesity in the United States remains high. A tax on sugar-sweetened beverages such as sodas, energy drinks, sweet teas, and sports drinks would reduce obesity in adolescents more than other policies, such … Continue reading

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The high cost of hot flashes: Millions in lost wages preventable: Pharma-funded study

The steep decline in the use of hormone therapy has spawned a prevalent but preventable side effect: millions of women suffering in silence with hot flashes, according to a study by a Yale School of Medicine researcher and colleagues. In … Continue reading

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Body fat is bad for the brain

Too much fat weighs down not just your body, but also your brain. Obesity harms most organs in the body, and new research suggests the brain is no exception. What’s more, the researchers found that getting rid of excess fat … Continue reading

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Alzheimer’s patients could benefit from marijuana compound THC

Tampa, FL (Aug. 26, 2014) — Extremely low levels of the compound in marijuana known as delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, may slow or halt the progression of Alzheimer’s disease, a recent study from neuroscientists at the University of South Florida shows. … Continue reading

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Dosage of HIV drug may be ineffective for half of African-Americans

Many African-Americans may not be getting effective doses of the HIV drug maraviroc, a new study from Johns Hopkins suggests. The initial dosing studies, completed before the drug was licensed in 2007, included mostly European-Americans, who generally lack a protein … Continue reading

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You may be washing your fruits and vegetables incorrectly

It’s seems like a no-brainer; if you’re going to eat the skin of a fruit or vegetable, rinse it under cold running water first. But most people are unaware that all fruits and vegetables should be washed — even those … Continue reading

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