6 worthless foods to cut from your diet (including granola bars, iced tea)

Any guy who cares about his health already knows to purge the cupboard of refined carbohydrates and added sugars—your white breads, your Tropicanas.

And yet many of us live with a rising dread that we are accidentally ingesting terrible things that we don’t even know are terrible, or that are more terrible than we’d allowed ourselves to believe. So we canvassed a panel of experts, from coaches to nutritionists, and asked them to pick one thing guys should cut out of their diet if they want to eat healthier and drop weight.

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Abby Calcutt, registered dietitian/nutritionist and health-and-wellness coach (Boston)
“Cut out Arizona Iced Tea. It’s a nice example of a beverage loaded with more sugar than you need in a day, masked with the healthy and healthful label of’ ‘iced tea.’ And while you’re at it, eat foods with more fiber in them: fruits, veggies, beans, and whole grains.”

* What You’re Missing: One 24 oz. bottle of Arizona Iced Tea (with lemon flavor) is loaded with 59 grams of sugar.

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Stacy Sims, Stanford Exercise Physiologist (San Francisco)
“If I had to choose one food thing, I would choose low/nonfat fruity Greek yogurts.



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