36% of bosses are either “dysfunctional” or “horrible”

They may not all be as sinister as Kevin Spacey or as inappropriate as Jennifer Aniston in the Hollywood blockbuster “Horrible Bosses,” but recent research conducted by three University of Louisville professors highlighted that up to 36 percent of American workers – and possibly higher – work for a “horrible” or “dysfunctional” boss.

UofL assistant professors by Kevin Rose, Brad Shuck, Matt Bergman and Ph.D. graduate Devon Twyford, conducted the study which identifies poor leadership qualities and categorizes behavior from merely annoying to toxic and dangerous behavior, such as public ridicule, physical altercations and drug abuse.

The research, featured on Time Magazine Online magazine and in The Washington Post, also includes an easy to read and understand “taxonomy” graphic that plots the range and severity of dysfunction. It also addresses the short and long-term effects this behavior has on employees – in and out of the office.

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