3 things I never expected to learn from yoga

I guess now that we’re firmly ensconced in January, those New Years Resolutions are starting to burn out. I noticed it in my Saturday morning yoga class. What had previously been a space packed with eager newcomers only the week before had now petered out to just us regulars again. We nodded to each other as we unrolled our mats, silently acknowledging our mutual ongoing dedication. I was saddened by the sudden decrease in attendees, however. It meant that some people might never learn or benefit from yoga, and share what has been a life changing experience for me.

I imagine that people first approach yoga for a variety of reasons and desires, each uniquely their own. My first “aha” moment was in San Francisco during a work trip, where I agreed to accompany my boss to an early morning class before flying home. As a regular gym-goer, this was the first time I visited an actual yoga studio and was immediately struck by the differences of environment: walls painted in bright, vibrant colors, the soft yet spicy waft of incense, gentle low chants playing from speakers. As class began, I became hooked to the energy in the room, the graceful strength required to flow and hold poses, the way that my mind seemed to quiet even as my body was waking up. The next morning I felt pain in muscles I didn’t even know I had, and I signed up for a studio membership the very next day.. More




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